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March 31, 2011

Job Posting: Writers needed to post right-wing (or left-wing) comments

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine (@ivox_pierre) sent me the job posting below that appeared on Craigslist in Toronto for an hour or two on March 28, 2011. At first I dismissed it as a joke. The more I thought about this ad, though, the more I pondered several questions around authenticity and acceptability of this political trolling. The big one was:

Is this ethical behaviour?

The easy answer is “no,” regardless of your political stripe.  But are there exceptions to this rule? Is there a grey area here?  If so, what are the ground rules?

In the past, even I have been asked to use my social networks to support candidates, but the rules were clear:

  • Ensure you honestly believe in what you are saying online
  • Make sure it is truthful and accurate

These rules are in stark contrast to the requirements in the  job posting below:

We all know it’s not OK to encourage people to spread falsehoods; but is it OK to offer to pay people to promote your poitical angle?

In the interest of balance, I also found that a very similar ad was posted for left-wing writers. I don’t have the actual ad, but Google provides some evidence:

Regardless of whether your beliefs fall on the right, left, or centre of the spectrum, is this practice acceptable? What are the ground rules?

What do you think?

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