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October 6, 2012

Talknowledgy Episode #101: The Denver Debate, promoted facebook statuses, another iPhone 5 issue, and more!

In this episode we look at how the world of social media reacted to the first Presidential Debate of 2012 as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in Denver. Check out this infographic for a Twitter timeline of the whole event.

In our “Creepy of Awesome!?” segment, we completely focus on Facebook. Would you pay $7 to increase the chances of your friends see your status? What do you think about Facebook partnering with DataLogix to associate your Facebook account to an unrelated email address you have given to your favourite retailer?

This week’s YouTube Hero is College Humour for its “Romney Style” video – a parody of Gangnam Style.

And in our “Hashtag Fail of the Week” segment we look at a Kickstarter project (a book about Kickstarter) that failed to get funded through the service itself. *insert joke about irony here*

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September 10, 2012

Talknowledgy for September 7, 2012

Check out our latest show where we discuss body-mounted cameras, this week’s iPhone 5 event, kickin’ it Gangnam Style, and more!

September 3, 2012

Talknowledgy for September 1, 2012

Check out our show for September first where Phil and I talk about the Apple training manual, President Obama’s AMA on Reddit, Clint Eastwood’s argument with a chair, and more.

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