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October 28, 2012

Talknowledgy Episode #104: Horses and Bayonets, iPad Mini, Windows 8, RunPee, Iron Man, #BaldforBieber, and more

We have a packed show this week. In the first segment we talk about the final US Presidential Debate – “horses and bayonets” and “the 1980s called”. We also check in with the big tech announcements this week: New iPad (4), the iPad Mini, Blackberry 10, and Windows 8.

Have you ever needed to run out of the theatre to go to the restroom or grab another bag of popcorn? Well, there’s an app for that. This week’s “Creepy or Awesome?!” features an app that tells you when the best time to leave the movie. What do you think?

Phil also checks in with Fiaaz Walji RE: phishing, and we talk about the 25 worst internet passwords. Spoiler Alert: “password” is #1.

Our “Hashtag Fail of the Week” features bald Bieber fans…is it a hoax? Finally our YouTube Hero pits Gangnam Style: Halloween Edition vs the theatrical trailer for Iron Man 3.

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October 26, 2012

5 favourite HallowMEME costumes for 2012

I love memes – those easily recognizable,  highly entertaining, and often annoying photos flying around the internet with sarcastic jokes written on them. A never-ending stream of them seems to rise up the rankings on Reddit all year, but Halloween is the time to bring these images to life. Hallowmeme parties have been going on for a few years.  They feature people dressed as Nyan Cat, the Bed Intruder, and double rainbow. But you can’t show up to the party dressed as last year’s meme: that’s party suicide!  To help out, here are a few of my favourite costume ideas for 2012:

1. Paul Ryan Beefcake

Just put on your worst-looking gym clothes and a backwards red baseball hat and you’re set. If you really want it to be authentic, you could buy this t-shirt, these shorts, and this hat . Be prepared to express some pretty offensive and condescending ideas about gender equality, women’s rights, taxes, and the middle class if you’re going to go as the beefcake.

2. McKayla is NOT impressed

This one was one of the most popular memes to come out of the London Summer games. The first item you should get for this costume is the silver medal – very important since this is what caused the expression in the first place. If you have about $500 kicking around you could by the official team jacket she was wearing, but a grey shell suit or hoodie would do. Don’t forget the scowl.

3. Overly Attached Girlfriend

The look in her eye always creeps me out when I see this meme. All you need for this one is a teal t-shirt from Target and you’re ready to go. You might also want to pick up a standard brunette wig to finish off the look. Be sure to work on your wide-eyed stare and creepy things to say about how possessive you are… knowing her personalized lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” wouldn’t hurt either.

4. PSY (Gangnam Style)

This one is great. It comes with a little dance and everything…you would be the hit of the party! I don’t even need to explain what to buy for this one because there are already websites devoted to Gangnam Style costumes…check out to build yours.

5. Ridiculously photogenic guy

This one is ridiculously easy. Purple shirt, black running shorts, stubble, smile, and you’re done. If you really want to get advanced, you can print out a pic of Zeddie Little, glue it to a piece of cardboard, and you have a mask, like this.

What’s your favourite meme of 2012, and will you be dressing as it for Halloween?

October 6, 2012

Talknowledgy Episode #101: The Denver Debate, promoted facebook statuses, another iPhone 5 issue, and more!

In this episode we look at how the world of social media reacted to the first Presidential Debate of 2012 as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in Denver. Check out this infographic for a Twitter timeline of the whole event.

In our “Creepy of Awesome!?” segment, we completely focus on Facebook. Would you pay $7 to increase the chances of your friends see your status? What do you think about Facebook partnering with DataLogix to associate your Facebook account to an unrelated email address you have given to your favourite retailer?

This week’s YouTube Hero is College Humour for its “Romney Style” video – a parody of Gangnam Style.

And in our “Hashtag Fail of the Week” segment we look at a Kickstarter project (a book about Kickstarter) that failed to get funded through the service itself. *insert joke about irony here*

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