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September 8, 2015

Can Canadian public servants tweet in the 2015 Federal Election? It may not be so simple #Elxn42 [Podcast]

logopodcastLast week I sat down with colleague Renée Filiatrault, Professor, Public Relations Program, Algonquin College, for a podcast session to discuss the ability of Canadian public servants to use their private social media accounts to send political messages during the latest Canadian Federal election. The conversation was spurred by a recent memo sent to Justice Canada employees reminding employees about their “duty of loyalty” and insisting that they “refrain from criticizing the Government of Canada.”

We also touch on the amateur folk-protest song “Harperman” that gained notoriety on YouTube (now with over half a million views)  and landed a Canadian public service scientist in hot water – the scientist was subsequently put on administrative leave.

Be sure to check out the podcast on the Algonquin College Experts Sound Cloud account.

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