Remembering Steve Jobs, one tweet at a time [screenshots]

It’s always sad when somebody dies, no matter who they are. When it’s a well-known figure, the grieving is often done in public, with others who are connected by the contribution or impact of the deceased. On October 5, 2011, we learned Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, and former Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, had passed away at the age of 56. Since the news was announced, there has been a steady stream of tweets remembering, honouring, and mourning, his passing.

It’s fitting that people are using their Apple devices (powered by social media) to share their thoughts and feelings about Steve Jobs. To get a sense of how the online world was reacting and expressing themselves, I tracked several Steve Jobs-related hashtags today (October 6, 2011) including #iSad, #ThinkDifferently, #ThankYouSteve, #RIPSteveJobs, and #SteveJobsRIP.

I started taking screenshots of tweets that caught my eye. I didn’t know how many I would capture, but I stopped collecting them when I hit the 70 mark.  While watching these trends, I noticed some themes emerging from the types of tweets being shared. Many people are mourning, and we all do it differently. Here are the types of tweets I saw today.

Passionate Remembrance

Quirky comments

Remembering the technology

Steve Jobs quotes

Jokes (some cringe-worthy)

The 25 tweets (above) are just a few that caught my eye. For all of my screenshots, check out the slideshow below. #RIPSteveJobs

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Comment to “Remembering Steve Jobs, one tweet at a time [screenshots]”

  1. I think he was born to revolutionize the world, he did his job well !!


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