3 tips to simplify the hectic schedule of the social media manager [Infographic]

Here’s a great infographic from SocialCast for all of the social media managers out there, myself included. I think we can all find a bit of humour in this, and quite a bit of truth.  Personally, I do 12 of the 14 of these tasks on a daily basis.

The fact of the matter is that the longer you have been a social media manager, the less hectic it becomes as you figure out a few tips, tricks, and tools to help get your job done. Here are my top 3:

1. Train the internet to find you. I’ve said it before – use the free tools out there to aggregate the content you need so you don’t have to go out and find it. Subscribe to some RSS feeds, follow a blog, sign up for Google Alerts, do keyword searches in TweetDeck, enable alerts on your smartphone when your organization is mentioned, download and install FeedDeamon to keep on top of all  of your feeds and searches, etc. Figure out who and what you need to listen to and use an aggregator to do the leg-work.

2. Invest in management and reporting tools. There is a difference. You have two specific needs. First, you need to manage your community and be responsive, attentive, and timely. This includes responding to questions, providing great content, managing messages across a number of platforms,  sharing links, scheduling posts, etc. Many of us have already figured this part out and are using TweetDeck, Seesmic, TwitterBerry, Co-Tweet, Hootsuite, etc.

Second, you have to report on how great the work you are doing is to your boss, and your boss’ boss. To do this, you may need to invest in a tool that provides a dashboard explaining how your social media efforts have driven website traffic, impacted conversions, identified new leads, etc. I had to talk to some analytics people to figure out how to deliver this report. First step was to signup for, use, and understand, Google Analytics.

3. Empower others in your organization to contribute content. Your job shouldn’t be focused 100% on creating content. Tons of great content is out there on the internet; our job as social media managers is to find the content relevant to our audience, and share it. It is a good idea to encourage and empower others in your organization to share relevant content from your organization on your Facebook wall, check-in at your business using Foursquare, share a video on YouTube, or just tweet a question.  One hundred little content creation engines are much more powerful than one over-worked social media manager banging away on the keys.

6 Responses to “3 tips to simplify the hectic schedule of the social media manager [Infographic]”

  1. So, what was social media 20+ years ago. I’m surprised that 1% of the population has been in the field for that long. Obviously the field has changed. Were those people doing? Does that include ad execs? Tv/radio commercials?


    • Thanks for the comment, Dawn. I don’t think they are referring to SM from 20 years ago, rather people with 20+ years of experience in the PR/Marketing field. Early social media would be forums, discussion boards, etc.”Social” has been around forever, now we are just using tech to connect with people. Web 2.0 is very similar to human interactions 1.0.


  2. Thanks for this awesome infographic! It makes me take a second look at my day and see if I am prioritizing correctly. Good insights at the end of the review. Always good content on this blog.-Josh


  3. freakishly accurate at times.
    need more sleep, read metrics, lose sleep : recycle


  4. Great graphic



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