Booming Foursquare growth: Have you checked in? [Stats]

Yes, I’m sharing another infographic; what can I say? I love these things…

Earlier this week, Foursquare released the infographic below to help demonstrate their meteoric growth in 2010. A few things caught my eye:

3,400% growth: First of all, this number is crazy. Foursquare now has over 6,000,000 users. When I first started using Foursquare early last year, I only had about six friends on my list for about six months. I was able to add venues and capture Mayorships almost everyday. Now I’m getting about six friend requests a week, and it is very hard to remain mayor of a venue, even at the office.

Regional Dominance: Specifically, the American and Canadian North East. Dominating much of the “Top 3” lists are American cities, most notably New York. I guess you would expect this from the fourth largest nation on earth (China, India, Facebook, USA), but the line dividing the continent west of the Gulf of Mexico is pronounced and somewhat unexpected. Also, a shout out to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand for checking in what looks like as much as, if not more than, the area from Southern California to British Columbia.

Wendy is the Mayor of Wendy’s: Need I say more? Congrats to a lady named Wendy in Madison, Mississippi for holding down the mayorship at Wendy’s Hamburgers. This has inspired me to become Mayor of David’s Tea shop here in Ottawa.

(click for a larger image):

Foursquare 2010 Infographic

8 Responses to “Booming Foursquare growth: Have you checked in? [Stats]”

  1. Dave interseting blog and what a tremendous growth of foursquare . I do notice and look up where you have been ie restaurants and will check their menus from time to time. So it does attract new people to check out places they may not have thought of. However, aren’t most of the posts from mobile devices?


    • You are absolutely correct – you need a smartphone to be a part of foursquare.

      On the food front – I’ve been to restaurants recommended on foursquare. For instance, one afternoon I checked in at a Bridgehead in Westboro and a Sushi place was recommended based on my location – so I tried it…it was OK.


  2. Great post, Dave! I really do believe that location-based apps will revolutionize on-site commerce; but, for that to happen, there has to be a marked rise in integration. I’ve used Foursquare extensively in past, yet as my life becomes more and more hectic, I’m finding it way too inconvenient as a standalone app. I barely have time to even tweet anymore. Dave, how many times would you say you check-in each day? And if you found yourself having to choose, which one would you make a concerted effort to use each day — Foursquare or Twitter?


    • Derek: Thanks for your comments. You are absolutely bang-on with your comment re: integration of Foursquare into other social media networks. I agree that location-based social media platforms present great opportunities, but users need to see the unique social value to the particular app, or see it as an augmentation to their presence on their existing networks.

      What really got me going on Foursquare, besides my BB, was its integration with Twitter. Each time I check-in I have the option to share with my Twitter account. My Twitter account then automatically shares it with my Facebook account. So I can cover Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook with one check-in.

      Here’s my general rule of thumb: If I’m out (not at the office or at home) I will use Foursquare to send my tweets and update my Facebook automatically. But when I’m at the college or in my home office I use my laptop.

      Now on to your usage questions: I would say I check-in about 4 times a day, but after reviewing my stats for this month, I only actually check in 2.7 times a day (that difference is interesting in itself). If I only had time to use one social network (Foursquare or Twitter) I would chose Twitter – but I can actually choose Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook since my accounts are linked.

      It’s all about managing your time and managing your networks. Everybody does it differently; I just chose the automation route.


  3. If you can hold that mayorship, we’ve got a really awesome Foursquare promotion coming out soon that I think you’re really gonna like!



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