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January 10, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter: 2010 in the numbers [Stats]

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine sent me the infographic below that compares the 2010 statistics of the two social media giants. I was particularly interested in the “brand followers” segregated by platform, and the percentage of “brand followers” who said they would purchase the specific brand they were following (67% for Twitter and 51% for Facebook). I would love to see this explored in-depth.

It’s good news for Twitter, as they have leveled the “awareness” playing field. I think they still have some work to do on communicating to non-users about what Twitter can do (not reflected in this infographic), but they may be satisfied in their 100 million + total users (This number is 175 million on the at

Finally, the percentage of “users located outside the U.S.” serves as a strong reminder of the largely untapped opportunities social media provides internationally.

There’s more good stuff in there, take a look. I thought it was worth sharing…

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